Is Nicole Westbrook the Next Rebecca Black?

Thanksgiving Day is only two weeks away, and what better way to get in the spirit of the holiday than with a Thanksgiving song.  Surely, that’s what you were all thinking, right?  Well, apparently someone thought that was a genius idea and that someone comes in the form of the latest tween sensation, Nicole Westbrook, soon to be known as the next Rebecca Black. (Just in case you forgot about Black, take a listen to the teen viral star’s 2011 song, “Friday.”)  In fact, Westbrook’s recent YouTube release, “It’s Thanksgiving” was written and produced by Patrice Wilson, the man responsible for “Friday” and a plethora of other tween music videos.

Rather than naming the days of the week, like Black so eloquently did, Westbrook lists off holidays and months of the year, and focuses on reminding everyone what the upcoming holiday is all about, just in case we lost track.  At one point in the video Westbrook uses a turkey drumstick as a microphone, makes mashed potatoes and sings, “Gotta be grateful/ can’t be hateful/ mashed potatoes on my, on my table.”

Check out the video for “It’s Thanksgiving” below, which will likely follow in the footsteps of “Friday” as the most hated video on the internet.  As much of a train wreck as it is, you know everyone will be talking about it.

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  • Glenne

    This is ridiculous! And BTW Thanksgiving this year is on the 22nd not the 28th. Major mistake. The worst part is I know this is going to make millions of dollars! Ridiculous

  • Sarah

    They were using a 2013 calendar which is why there is a date mistake. But honestly, I don’t think this video was serious. People saw how Rebecca Black did they are making anything. No one would make a real song about Thanksgiving… will they?