Fifty Shades of Grey: From Christian’s Perspective

Ahh Fifty Shades of Grey…what can I say? I am obsessed and possessed by this book and the beautiful twistedness that is Christian Grey. Let’s talk about Fifty.

Never have I encountered such a complicated person. I guess I haven’t really encountered Fifty either, but I’d like to think that I have and that I know him pretty well. Although, I’d like to get to know him better. First of all, we all know he is beautiful on the outside. But let’s face it – this man is amazing, which explains why women all over the United States, including myself, are going on a Christian Grey craze. He cares about the world’s poor (drooling here!) and he truly cares about Ana. That’s evident in the way he tries to accommodate her and that he is willing to change the way he behaves, which as he says is all he knows. Sure he is into kinky fuckery, but who cares? And who said kinky fuckery is such a bad thing anyway? Sure he is a little controlling (ok a lot controlling) but he is working on it.

Moving on…I think Christian Grey is one hot commodity and yes, I admit that I wish he existed and that from time to time I felt jealous of Ana while reading the books. I know, I’m a little crazy. With that said, wouldn’t it be amazing if we read the whole story from Christian’s perspective? Don’t you wish you knew what he is thinking every time his mood or face expressions change? I would personally love to read the book from Christian’s point of view. I hope that somehow E L James reads this article and rewrites the whole trilogy. That would be amazing. We could read every thought he has and experience his surprise of his own feelings with him.

So, please E L James, wherever you are, please rewrite the whole trilogy from Christian’s perspective! You would make a lot of women very happy.

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  • Cara

    Wow I would absolutely love to hear all the books from Christian’s perspective!!

  • CJ

    I 100% agree! It would be another hi!


    These books NEED to be written in Christian’s perspective, the 1 chapter that follows Fifty Shades Freed was such a welcome surprise, and like everyone else out there, I am osbsessed with his obsession with Ana, including the very minute he realizes he loves her…..(which I think is way before Georgia). I would love to know his thoughts on Leila the minute he sees her gun pointed at Ana, and ofcourse his epiphany when Ana leaves him. Please please please please and oh…..PLEASE!

  • Allison

    I just googled Fifty Shades of Grey from Christian’s perspective and this article popped up. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read the books from his point of view. That chapter at the end of Fifty Shades Freed was a little tease. I really hope E.L. James is writing the rest of the books. I would love to read his thoughts when Ana leaves him and his conversation with his mom when she finds out about Elena. BTW great blog girls!

  • Melanie

    I would also love to read about his conversation with his mom, especially the one when Ana is in the hospital and she hears Grace say I’m so glad we finally talked!!! His thoughts when he falls on his knees in front of Ana after the whole Leila thing would be great too! And of course all his sexual thoughts :)

    PLEASE E.L. JAMES!!!!!!

  • Ernie

    I would like to read what he did with the other chicks before he met Ana and more about his sexcapades with Mrs. Robinson..

  • Rachel

    His sexcapades would be fun to read, but I think the whole Mrs. Robinson thing would be a little too painful for me. I want to read about when he realizes he loves Ana and what he thinks every time she crosses him.

    • Sheila

      Personally, I don’t want to read about his sexcapades or annoying Mrs. Robinson, it would be too painful, not fun at all. I would love to read his story with Ana from his point of view, and to know more about their future.

  • lucy

    I wouldn’t really want to read about anything with mrs Robinson she is just wrong on sooo many levels. The little tease in the back of the book form his perspective was great.. I wud deffo get the books and just like the fifty shades of grey that I have just read I no I won’t be able to put the books down. I think women all over the world would love to really know what is going on inside his beautifl and and no what is really going on behind those eyes. He is extremely addicitve and his real love for ana really pulls on your heart strings… E L James please hurry and write the books from his perspective and quick !!

  • Kelly

    Please please oh please re write these from Christians point of view!!! I would also like to see more of their future as well!! So many more books could be possible and amazing!!! I have never read a book in my life until these and I couldn’t put them down!!! Don’t stop writing about Christian and Ana please!!!

  • Shelly

    WOW, I just finished all 3 books in record time and am re-reading them because I just can’t get enough. The story is just so amazingly romantic and keeps pulling you in that you can’t put it down. The tease at the end was AMAZING!!!!! I was laughing and completely mesmerized by his thoughts. I’m aching here everything that was going on inside his head during these 3 books and how wonderful would it be to have this book to read before the movie comes out so we have the full picture!!!! Wouldn’t that be just incredible?!!!

    As for the rest of their lives (or at least more stories in their future)…OMG, I was thinking that same thing when she shared snapshots of 2 years forward. The possibilities are just endless for these characters and for E L James.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Pleeeeeeaaaaase, (I’m begging here) for you to write these next books in Christians perspective. Don’t let this amazing story end here with just the movies. We ALL are CRAVING SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!