Cougar Town and Daddy Complex: Those Guys Who are Slightly Uncomfortably out of Age Range

Previously Demi, currently JLo and forever Sharon Stone, older women have and will continue to scoop up younger hotties.

But even before Cougaring started to trend, younger women with older guys went from risqué to the norm, evinced especially in Hollywood.  More recently, what seems to be the fad is the pushing of the age gap between the younger party and the older to its very limits (see Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall, Holly/Kendra/Bridget and Hugh Hefner).  And now with Mary Kate Olsen, 25 (though I think we all know she will forever look 12), dating Olivier Sarkozy (the French Prime Minister’s half brother and 17 years her senior!), it seems the chasm is perpetually widening.

So with this as our backdrop, I thought I’d go through some of my own ‘out-of-reach-but-hopeful-that-they-will-one-day-no-longer-be’ contenders into the ring.  Here goes one 27 year old gal’s dream:

Super Creep

  • Jaden Smith (13): Go ahead, grow up to look like your dad.  People won’t be reporting me to the cops then.

Robbing the Cradle

  • Alexander Ludwig (16): Dirty blonde shaggy cut: yum
  • Justin Bieber (18): I know you could literally have any girl in the world, but how about taking this 5’1’’-Jersey accented stunna?
  • One Direction (18-21): I’ll take all 5, thanks!

Appreciating a Good Vintage

  • George Clooney (51): There should be no argument here.
  • Pierce Brosnan (58): If you’ve played 007, it’s really a given.
  • Harrison Ford (69): I will not get off your plane…ever.

Time for Therapy

  • Sean Connery (81): Still making panties drop at 81.  Yeah, I went there.

Have fun fantasizing about these gorgeous men! I know I do.

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  • Mel

    Uh oh- Houston we may have a problem because there are a lot of grown ass women with serious crushes on Justin Beiber!