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If Men Were More Like Mr. Potato Head: Mixing and Matching Certain Parts of Different Men Top 10 Places to Meet Someone in NYC

Top 10 Places to Meet Someone in NYC

This list has a something for everyone whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, an intellectual, looking for a one-night stand, or looking for a substantial relationship. 1. SoulCycle – If you’re an active type and attracted to the thrill of a cycling fitness class that’s also a motivational dance-party for your soul, check out one of the...Read More!

When Women Should Outgrow The Hickey

When Women Should Outgrow The Hickey

I know I have tried to hold on to some relics from the past–my Spice Girls posters, Disney VHS tapes, etc. But there are certain things and practices that have no business graduating high school with us. I was recently reminded of the importance of this, when burdened with the most juvenile of all affections: the hickey. What in our...Read More!

What’s Mine is Mine: How to Split the Finances Without Getting a Divorce Thinking Outside the Sexual Box: Lesbian Sex is “Real Sex”

Thinking Outside the Sexual Box: Lesbian Sex is “Real Sex”

Recently more than ever, society has been rethinking the way we define marriage. Marriage does not only exist between man and woman, weddings take place in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. Now, perhaps it is also time we rethink the definition of sex to be more all-inclusive for heterosexual, homosexual and lesbian lovers, because yes in...Read More!

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Spike Jonze’s “Her”: Implications for Love and Sex in the 21st Century

Writing as a female living in New York City, I’ll say female-female competition for single, straight men in this city is fierce. This city attracts the brightest, the most disciplined, and the sexiest women from around the world. It means that as NYC women, we do not indulge in the belief that we are “one of a kind.” The following...Read More!

Zip It: In Our World Of Oversharing is Silence Really Golden?

Zip It: In Our World Of Oversharing is Silence Really Golden?

Along with pretty much every other little girl in America, I grew up loving Disney movies. My favorite princess by far was Ariel, star of The Little Mermaid. I even named my pet parakeet after her and am moderately sure that movie is why I don’t eat seafood. I was incredibly influenced by the film. I loved the fiery spirit of Ariel, she was not...Read More!

The Lady Doctor: Tales from the OBGYN

The Lady Doctor: Tales from the OBGYN

I’m sure many of you ladies will agree with me that going to the gynecologist has to be one of the most awkward encounters, especially when that doctor happens to be of the opposite sex. Most females dread these trips so much they put them off indefinitely and only go when they know something is wrong. As for me, I am aware I’ve gone less...Read More!

Condoms Go User-Friendly: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funds 11 New Designs Credit: Angelo Merendino

What Love Looks Like: Angelo Merendino’s Expression of True Love

We all have an ideal picture in our minds of what love looks like.  This ideal could have come from the images placed before us by our parents, what we saw on television or illustrated by a childhood fairytale.  What that picture was painted with, no matter how the images were developed in our mind, was the concept of unconditional love. By...Read More!