Birchbox: June Products Review

It’s no secret that we Renegade Chicks are huge fans of Birchbox and its founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp.  In fact, the highlight of the month for us is not only receiving our Birchboxes, but comparing selections and sharing our thoughts once we dive into our stash.  Since we all reap the benefits of each other’s finds and faux pas, we wanted to share our experience with all of you.

The June Birchbox theme was “Jet Set,” and what Barna and Beauchamp took that to mean was not only travel-friendly beauty products we could take along on our many summer adventures, but also global picks such as the French Melvita Floral Spray.  Here is a complete review by Harper, Khloe, and Sophia of the goodies they received in their June boxes:

Ada Cosmetics Bronzer

Harper- I have been on the market for a new bronzer, as my old one has finally run its course. I have to say I may have fallen in love with my Ada Cosmetics Bronzer. It gives me the perfect glow I need for my sunkissed look.  I am definitely buying the full size product when my sample size runs out!

Borghese – Botanico Eye Compresses

Khloe – I followed the directions on these puppies, placing the soothing, cool pads on my eyes and pressing them to fit my sockets.  I was then awarded with 10 minutes of uninterrupted, mindless, relaxation.  After removing the compresses, I did notice that the skin around my eyes looked slightly brighter, but likely not enough for anyone else to notice (and maybe it was wishful thinking on my part).  At $51.00 for 60 eye compresses, this is a splurge that is not at all necessary, and you could likely get similar results from cucumbers for under $1.00 (tip: try cutting them up and mashing them into a coffee filter or paper towel before placing them on eyes)!

Jouer – Luminizing Moisture Tint

Khloe – I have never been one to use primer, liquid foundation, or concealer (I am a big fan of Bare Escentuals), but this product has made me a believer!  It left my face looking flawless, and most importantly, did not feel heavy or cakey.  It definitely lived up to Allure’s award of “Best of Beauty” seal when it withstood a hot and humid baseball game without making me feel like my face was melting off.  I also love the fact that it does double duty, moisturizing and providing coverage!

Likewise Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50 normal to dry

Harper- This is a great moisturizer to put on in the morning on a clean face. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your face like many moisturizers do.  The SPF 50 in it is wonderful, as all women should treat their face with care. No one wants wrinkles or leathery skin when they are older!

Masqueoloy- Brightening

Harper – I have never been that girl who uses facial masks, but I have to say after using this brightening mask, I think I might be. All you have to do is wash your face and remove all makeup and grime from the day and apply the mask to your face.  Leave it on for 20 minutes while the mask works its magic. After the 20 minutes are done you can toss the mask and massage the leftover product into your face and neck.  The mask is supposed to revitalize your skin and give you that youthful look every woman desires. And I have to say this product actually does live up to the hype. Once I was done using the mask not only did I feel relaxed, but my skin also felt great! These masks are also very affordable (3 for $24).

Melvita Rose Floral Water and Skin Refresher

Sophia – This product is so refreshing and smells great!   I keep it in the refrigerator at my office and give my face a quick spray at around 2:00 when I am starting to crash, it really is rejuvenating!   Who needs that afternoon cup of coffee when you have this product?

Scalisi Skincare – Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Khloe – I love that again, this product does double-duty offering the benefits of a moisturizer and the necessity of a sunscreen.  I do like it as a moisturizer, but I have been using it primarily in place of sunscreen on beach and pool days.  I especially enjoy the smell and the fact that it is not at all oily like sunscreen, but it still offers SPF 30 protection.  As an added bonus, it was created by a team of biochemists who have found a formula that offers anti-aging powers.  However, it is definitely on the splurge list at $110 a bottle.

Stila One Step BronzeSource

Sophia – I definitely feel like I hit the jackpot by getting this product this month!  It’s the biggest sample I’ve ever seen!  This one-step liquid bronzer blends in easily and can be used alone for a fresh beachy look, or over a foundation for better coverage. I have fairly olive toned skin and it gives just the right amount of tint for me, so I imagine it might be a little dark for fairer skin types, but I have to say this is probably my favorite sample yet—way to go, Stila!

theBalm cosmetics – Staniac in Beauty Queen

Khloe – Every month I seem to fall in love with one product in my Birchbox and this month, this is it!  I have previously used (and liked) Benefit Benetint, but after trying Staniac, I like it much better.  The water-based gel formula does not dry as quickly and the texture and applicator make it easier to apply.  Like Benetint, it provides a sheer, natural tint, and works just as well on cheeks as it does on lips.

Harper- Like Khloe, I love testing out new products each month in my Birchbox. I have been looking for a new blush and saw that this is a two in one lip and cheek stain, which is a perfect combo. I watched the video on how to apply to my cheeks on and it has added a nice flush to my cheeks, which is a perfect summer look.

Sophia – I was thrilled when I found out that this product was going to be included in every single Birchbox this month because I have been meaning to try a cheek stain but didn’t know where to start.   I enjoy that this product is easy to apply and stays put all day as a cheek tint, but wasn’t such a fan of it as a lip-tint, as I prefer a more saturated red on my kissers.  Go big or go home!

Wonderstruck by Taylorswift

Sophia –  I love TSwift just as much as the next girl, but I think this scent is a little too… young?  It was just a little fruitier and sweeter of a fragrance than I would ever wear, but would probably make a great gift for a younger renegade!

Lifestyle Extra

Band-Aid – Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band-Aids 

Khloe – These are just plain fun!  I was so excited to receive them in my Birchbox and am tempted to fake a paper cut in order to use one to complement my current mani.  I particularly love the rainbow sequins and the black lace band aids.

Harper- I also got these fun and fabulous band-aids, and I can’t wait to use them.  Next time I get a boo boo, I am going to be so stylish!

tili bag

Sophia – This bag is adorable, but more importantly, the bright colors make it stand out in your bag;  It’s easy to find when you are digging out your liquids in the security line at the airport and there’s a slew of impatient people behind you!

Birchbox Man Extra

John Varvatos – Star USA

Khloe – I was thrilled to share this with my hubby (“See there’s even something in here for you!”) and have already ordered him a full-size bottle.  This manly scent is unlike anything else he owns, fresh and perfect for summer.

Be sure to join in on our fun and order your Birchbox in time for July’s Glamour collaboration box.   We can’t wait for you to share your thoughts on the goodies you receive!

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  • Tina

    OMG I absolutely am addicted to the Stainiac! I use it to add a little color to my cheeks and lips all the time. Birchbox rocked my world with this gem.

  • Erica

    For those people who don’t get a birchbox, SIGN UP! 10 dollars a month people to try different fab products! You know you want to and you can afford it!

  • Diana

    I got the masqueology in my June birchbox and was surprised at how much I liked it! I might actually get the three pack from them. I felt so refreshed and my skin was actually glowing.

  • Lauren

    I totally agree with Sophia- the Wonderstruck is a little young for me- but I know my cousin will love it so its still a win win! Love my birchbox and I can’t wait to get the July one!